Measuring Mercury in Petrochemical Sample Streams

Mercury is present in crude oil and gas streams. Controlling mercury in process and product streams is important for environmental, process and product quality reasons. Knowledge of the mercury concentration is essential to good control and necessary to demonstrate product quality.

Good sampling is crucial to good measurement. The sampling techniques required vary depending on the sample matrix and physical state. Sampling unstable streams (liquids at pressure, gas/liquid mixtures when depressurised) presents particular challenges.

Analysis can be performed offline, with samples collected manually and delivered to a laboratory, or by online analysers, designed to operate continuously in the hazardous plant environment.

This talk will explore the determination of mercury in gas and liquid hydrocarbon streams, by both off- and online methods.
Dr Dexter is a product specialist at P S Analytical, with 15 years experience in the design, operation and support of online process analysers.

This lecture is free and open to all members of the public.

Please meet in the Nyholm Room of Christopher Ingold Building from 17:45 for Tea, Coffee and Doughnuts.
The talk will take place in the Ramsay LT at 18:15.
Join us after the talk for Wine, Cheese and Pizza!