Artificial Intelligence in Video Games: Past, Present and Future 

The term “Artificial intelligence” has become increasingly ubiquitous with gains and changes in technology, although it’s rare we know how that actually works.  One of the most prominent areas that AI is applied but is often misunderstood is video games.  In fact, the video games industry has a variety of bespoke AI tools and methodologies designed to support the unique challenges faced in creating vast game worlds and interesting non-player characters.  But in more recent years innovations in deep learning and machine are having a significant impact on numerous industries.  But how can it prove useful for games?  In this talk we’re going to look at how AI has traditionally been operated within video games, how machine learning has previously struggled to make gains in the games industry and the new risks and opportunities for AI that are emerging as games are made and played all over the world.    

Link to the talk will be on our Moodle Page – See you then!